Appointment & Forms

Getting started is easy. Simply place a call to one of our new patient specialists, who will listen carefully to your concerns and questions and, if appropriate, schedule you to come in to The Hallowell Center for an Initial Consultation. During the Initial Consultation you will meet with a Hallowell Center clinician, who will ask you a series of questions about your history and treatment goals.

Depending on your answers to these questions, the Hallowell Center clinician may, in some instances, be able to provide a preliminary assessment and recommend a treatment plan for you. In other instances, the clinician may determine that additional testing is required to complete the evaluation process.

STEP 1: Call 212-799-7777 to speak with our new patient specialist, free of charge

STEP 2: Schedule an Initial Consultation at The Hallowell Center

STEP 3: Meet with the Hallowell Center clinician who will outline an individualized treatment plan


Please download, fill out and print the appropriate Patient Questionnaire and Release of Authorization below before coming to the Center for your first appointment. Thank you.

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