Getting Started

How do I get started on an evaluation?

It’s as easy as picking up the phone. Dial 212-799-7777 and ask to speak with our New Patient Specialist (there is no charge for this initial 30-minute Patient Care Consult). Our New Patient Specialist will ask you some questions during the phone interview to determine your specific needs and concerns. Then based on your needs, schedule an appointment for you to come in to The Hallowell Center to meet with one of our clinicians for a formal intake session. This is the first step in the evaluation process.

Which therapist/clinician should I choose?

Based on your needs determined during your call with our New Patient Specialist, an appointment will be scheduled for a formal intake session for you with the appropriate Hallowell clinician.

At The Hallowell Center, all of our clinicians work together quite closely in a coordinated team approach. As a result, it is possible that you will meet with more than one person during both the diagnostic and treatment phase.

If you have not already done so, we encourage you to visit the MEET OUR STAFF section and browse through the individual staff profiles. All of our professional staff shares an extraordinary commitment to, and passion for, their field of expertise. You will find a wealth of valuable information contained in their profiles.

How much do evaluations cost?

Because of the unique nature of each patient evaluation, it is hard to quote an exact figure. It really depends upon the number of diagnostic tests and sessions needed to effectively evaluate and diagnose a particular condition. New patients meet with a Hallowell clinician for a formal intake session. Based on the outcome of that session, we should be able to recommend a specific testing and diagnostic schedule and provide you with a more accurate cost estimate.

What does an evaluation involve?

We offer several different types of evaluations, including neuropsychological testing, depending on your individual needs. All evaluations begin with an in-person, formal initial consultation or intake session conducted by one of our Hallowell clinicians.

During the intake session, we work to understand your unique challenges and concerns and create a detailed history – including educational, work and relationship experiences, along with a history of individual health, family history, past treatment and developmental history.

After listening to and evaluating all of this background information, the clinician may, in some instances, be able to provide a preliminary assessment right away and recommend a customized treatment plan. In other instances, however, the clinician may determine that additional testing is required in order to complete the evaluation process.

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