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TeletherapyThe pandemic is affecting the mental health and well being of adults and children. Your daily routines have been changed and you find yourself grappling with anger, moodiness, and anxiety. Covid-19 is taking a toll on your emotional health. At The Hallowell Center NYC, we've adapted our practice to meet your needs during these challenging times.

Thanks to online platforms, we are now offering remote therapy sessions. We can “see” people remotely, and we’re discovering remote doesn’t feel remote at all. It feels almost like we’re in the same room, but there’s no risk of spreading infection.

All of these services can be delivered remotely via a platform like Zoom;

  • Individual, personalized assessment of children, couples, and families
  • Based on the assessment, the most fitting therapy and education for each case delivered through the lens of Dr. Hallowell's strength-based model
  • A multi-modal, comprehensive treatment model which can include any or all of the following: individual, couples, family, or group therapy; cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); cerebellar stimulation through specific, prescribed physical exercises done at home; individualized coaching, online, aimed at whatever the individual needs from study skills to organizational skills to improving executive functioning to picking the right career, to advice on building relationships and dating; psychopharmacology, with advice not only on which medication to take but also whether or not to try a medication; supplements, including omega-3 fatty acids, CBD, and vitamins.

We also offer:

Group and individual teletherapy for 12-25 year olds who may be struggling with attention or anxiety issues as well as any other challenges coming up at this time.

Parenting in a Pandemic Support Group

Support/Productivity Group for Teens

Support Group for Professionals

If  you're struggling with organizing and managing your work or school load, we have coaches who can help.

For a complete list of the services we provide, click here.

Getting started is easy. To inquire about scheduling a remote therapy session, email  or fill out the form below and Carey will follow up with you.

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