Couples Therapy

Many relationships can be challenging plagued by misunderstandings anger, frustration and hurt. In relationships where one or both members of the couple have ADHD or other mental health/addiction issues  the challenges can be amplified. ADHD, in particular, presents some unique challenges particularly when ADHD has not been diagnosed or when the couple does not understand how it impacts the relationship.

The good news is that couples therapy can help! Couples therapy helps a couple slow down, truly listen to and better understand both their partner and themselves. Once couples are better at listening and understanding they can improve their communication so that interactions become more productive and positive.

Choosing the right couples therapist is important. Whoever you see as a couples therapist must understand and be able to treat all couples, as the couples therapists at the Hallowell Center are well trained to do. If, however, ADHD is an issue in the relationship it is also critical that your therapist understands ADHD and the way it impacts relationships. All of the Hallowell Center clinicians who do couples therapy are experts on this topic and with this expertise are best able to help couples navigate this often challenging terrain.

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