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Many children with ADHD or other learning challenges struggle in the classroom.  That’s why it’s important that educators be well-informed about ADHD so they can recognize children who might be struggling.

Drawing on 35 plus years of professional work in the field, and a lifetime of his own personal experiences, Dr. Hallowell’s keynotes are designed to help educators understand ADHD, how it affects academic achievement and how they can help their students with ADHD or other learning challenges succeed.


Mining Magnificent Minds: How to Unwrap the Gifts Embedded in ADHD

In this Keynote, Dr.  Hallowell offers a basic introduction to the world of ADHD,  discusses the human experience of ADHD,  the impact of ADHD on the family and how ADHD affects academic achievement.   

Many ADHD providers and schools pathologize ADHD, yet Dr. Hallowell approaches ADHD as a gift that is often difficult to unwrap rather than a disorder.  One of the most common causes of frustration, underachievement, and unhappiness in adulthood are bad experiences in childhood due to a lack of understanding of what kind of mind the child has and how to manage it best. If a child had trouble learning, he was “diagnosed” as stupid. For centuries, the basic treatment prescribed for all problems related to learning, behavior, and emotion was: TRY HARDER.  We now recognize that problems related to learning, emotion, and behavior derive from causes far more complicated than the difference between smart and stupid, or strong and weak, or good and bad.  In this Keynote, you’ll learn:

  • how to understand what kind of mind your ADHD student has
  • how the symptoms and behaviors associated with ADHD affects academic performance
  • how to promote the strengths of the ADHD student using a systematic approach
  • strategies to improve your student’s academic success

The Classroom Management of ADHD

In this Keynote, Dr.  Hallowell will explore celebrating the Strengths of ADHD amidst the Challenges. He will review how ADHD affects academic achievement and offer suggestions on the best practices and strategies for schools to use to promote creativity and achievement in one-on-one educational therapy settings.

There is no easy solution for the management of ADHD in the classroom, or at home for that matter. After all is said and done, the effectiveness of any treatment for this disorder at school depends upon the knowledge and the persistence of the school and the individual teacher.  In this presentation, you will learn:

  • how ADHD affects children in the classroom
  • effective tips on teaching children with ADHD
  • how to avoid the traps of SPIN and SLIDE
  • how to manage ADHD in the classroom to help your students succeed academically


In his presentation, Dr. Hallowell offers insight into his personal story of growing up with mental illness in the family, his own learning differences, and how he beat the odds to win the race rather than capsize. his message will be all encompassing as he talks about his childhood and his experiences as a person who has dealt successfully with his Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia. He’ll offer concrete and practical ways for students to overcome their own family struggles, learning differences, and prejudicial behaviors to beat the odds.

VAST – An Innovative Approach to Celebrating the Strengths of ADHD Amidst the Challenges

In this presentation, Dr. Hallowell will introduce Variable Attention Stimulus Trait (VAST), his new name for an expanded framework and lens for understanding ADHD. Because Dr. Hallowell views ADHD not as a disorder but as a trait, he thinks it is important to use language that does not pathologize the condition. While ADHD can certainly be detrimental to a person’s life, if it is understood, addressed, and nurtured properly, VAST has the potential turn a person’s life into a one of greatness, joy, and major contribution to the world.

Drawing on 35+ years of professional work in the field, and a lifetime of his own personal experiences, Dr. Hallowell will review how ADHD can affect academic achievement and will offer scientific underpinnings of positive psychology for educators to use to unwrap the gifts embedded in ADHD, while also dealing with the problems this trait creates.

Dr. Hallowell will discuss how to reframe the challenges of ADHD in terms of Mirror Traits and illustrate positive sides of the negative symptoms associated with ADHD; i.e., Hyperactive, restless = Energetic; Disorganized = Spontaneous; Impulsive = Creative. By recognizing the mirror traits, individuals avoid the ravages of shame and fear.

He will also introduce material he has not addressed before, including the overlap of creativity and dark thoughts and how to control those by mastering the DMN, the Default Mode Network; the idea of VAST as the “lover, the lunatic, and the poet”; the story of Dav Pilkey, author of Captain Underpants; and the supreme value of Vitamin Connect.

Participants will learn to:

  • View ADHD/VAST not as a disorder, but as a Trait.
  • How to Reframe the Challenges of ADHD
  • How to master the DMN, the Default Mode Network.
  • The value of Vitamin Connect

"Dr. Ned Hallowell was a highlight of the 2019 IBSC Annual Conference in Montreal... Ned had the audience of 650+ educators of boys spellbound. Hard-hitting but filled with love and compassion for our students, faculty and communities, Ned reminded us to bring love, connection, and the opportunity to do something great to everyone we teach, guide and nurture."

Ferrari Engine, Bicycle Brakes - Dr. Hallowell's advice to educators about how to help students with ADHD...

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