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We live under the influence of a dangerous paradox: while we are far more connected electronically than ever before in history, we are disconnecting with each other as well as with the many other connections that give meaning to our lives.  Dr. Hallowell, the author of Connect, CrazyBusy, Human Moments and other psychological topics, understands this crisis of disconnection and the impact it’s having on society.  This is a major problem that he has been working on for decades.

Connection – The Other Vitamin C

Dr. Hallowell’s presentations on connect are for families, schools, organizations and communities. He provides some scientific evidence that shows how vitally important connections are and  how varied these connections can be—from family to friends to pets, to the workplace, to a hobby, to the world of nature.

He is eager to share not only what he’s learned but what science has proven: connection, the other vitamin C, is the most transformative force for good in all of human existence.

The Crisis of Disconnection

American youth, full of energy, dreams, hope, and innocence, is increasingly lost, lonely, anxious, and at sea.

Suicide has increased at staggering rates—from 40% to 70%, depending on demographics—over the past decade. Smoking weed and vaping are the norm in most high schools, and these drugs are direct gateways to other, even more dangerous drugs. Anxiety, depression, eating disorders and serious problems with self-image and self-esteem abound among adolescents as does an aching feeling of disconnection from society and a lack of direction. Kids don’t have a plan for their future they trust and believe in.

Indeed, the problem of lack of direction and disconnection afflicts our entire commonality—all of us, all ages, everywhere. It is the great social problem we face, and we are far from addressing it squarely. This is a major problem—with a proven solution—that Dr. Hallowell has been working with and on for decades.

In this Keynote:

Dr. Hallowell delineates the problem of human disconnection, and then shows, step by step, how families, schools, organizations, and communities can address it practically and effectively.

The time has come to bring it front and center. The vast millions of young people who could thrive rather than just get by or, indeed, fail were they given the minimal tools and forums of human connection—rather than merely electronic connection—could take us from a cloudy future to the bright and dazzling future these young people envision but right now do not know how to create.

Lives hang in the balance. It is time—past time—to treat the issue of disconnection like the crisis that it has become.


Heightened Vulnerability + Lack of Control = Toxic Worry

We live in a time of immense stress and worry. From an economy in crisis, to the threat of terrorism to an environment threatened by pollution and global warming, to famine and the millions of people who have no access to health care, our world teems with danger and disease. Add to these problems the rapidity of change and the lack of stability anywhere, and we see why so many people feel chronic and unhealthy levels of anxiety, toxic worry, and elevated stress.

What to do:

Dr. Hallowell offers a program that is practical, evidence-based and effective in bringing levels of stress and worry from the toxic zone down into normalcy. His methods rely not on medication, but on simple steps any individual can take, including a child, in order to regain a confident and upbeat feeling about everyday life.

Watch Dr. Hallowell’s webinar with Outspoken on: Understanding Two Types of Worry

WHEN YOU WORRY ABOUT THE CHILD YOU LOVE: Emotional and learning Problems in Children

Dr. Hallowell’s explores the various kinds of problems children may contend with that have a biological or genetic basis. These problems are organized into four categories: Mad, Sad, Afraid, and Confused.

In the “Mad” category, he’ll discuss such problems as conduct disorders, disruptive behavior, disregard for authority, or chronic rule breaking, as well as children who simply have a very hard time controlling their anger.

“Sad” will cover children who are innately serious, as well as those who might be mildly or severely depressed.

“Afraid” looks at kids, who are very shy, or kids who have been abused in some way, or kids who just feel on the outs, afraid to join in.

And “Confused” encompasses the large category of learning problems, from ADHD to dyslexia to math problems to non-verbal learning disabilities, as well as covering the even wider field of learning styles, normal variants all children show in how they take in new ideas and information.


This presentation looks at both adaptive forms of worry and toxic forms of worry as they commonly appear in couples, families, groups, businesses, schools, and other organizations. A stubborn paradox surrounds the field of worry management. Ideally, worry is dealt with best by more than a single person. The team approach works better than others, when it works! However, such is human nature, that when people come together, in any of the groupings mentioned above, they often create as much worry as they solve. Why is this and how can the problem be resolved?

This presentation looks at the common patterns of how this happens, as well as discusses what to do about it.

(This talk can specifically be adapted for any of the groups mentioned, such as an audience of couples, or a business audience.)

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