Life Balance

Are you too busy? Stretched to the breaking point? In a state of constant frenzy? You’re not alone. In our 24/7, technology-driven world, it’s easy to lose control. Dr. Hallowell’s CrazyBusy Keynote will show participants how to leave the F-state (frenzied, forgetful and furious) and get back to the C-State (cool, calm and collected.)

CRAZYBUSY: Overbooked, Overworked and About to Snap! Strategies for Coping in a World Gone ADHD

In this Keynote, participants look at the opportunities we have in today’s world and the struggles with our busy environments. Modern life has gone wild. The average person handles more data points in one day than anyone handled in a month just a decade ago. Email, iPads, cell phones and all the rest of our electronic devices have created exciting opportunities, but they have also created unique and potentially catastrophic problems never before seen in human history. Without a system or a plan in place, one can spend a day or an entire quarter without spending ten minutes actually thinking. Run ragged by the multiple and simultaneous demands he or she must handle, one has almost no time to do what the human brain is uniquely equipped to do, namely think creatively.

In this presentation, participants will learn:

  • How to identify the most dangerous drains on your time and energy, and how to develop a daily rhythm that works for you
  • How to replenish energy and focus throughout the day and how to prevent the state of overloaded circuits
  • How to focus and prioritize so that you and the people you manage can get the most out of their world

Social Isolation

The Surgeon General named loneliness as the #1 medical problem in the country.  We live in a world characterized by what Dr. Hallowell calls “the modern paradox”: miraculously connected electronically, we are growing disconnected interpersonally. This social isolation is as dangerous a risk factor for early death as cigarette-smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity. In Dr. Hallowell’s Keynotes on Connect, you’ll learn how to harness the power of “the other Vitamin C, Vitamin Connect.”


While we are far more connected electronically than ever before, we are missing the “human moment.” We’re texting instead of talking. We’re glued to our phones while out with friends (take a look at the photo above – that’s what social disconnection looks like.)  Touting the power of “the other Vitamin C, Vitamin Connect,” Dr. Hallowell offers a detailed prescription for a richly connected life that anyone can follow. This Vitamin C is free, infinite in supply, and feels good to take. Sadly, most people don’t take advantage of its amazing power. There is no force in all of human existence that produces more benefit that this Vitamin C.

Dr. Hallowell offers a variety of presentations based on Connect.

  • Connect – The Other Vitamin C
  • The Power of Connections
  • What Goes Into A Connected Childhood
  • Creating Connectedness in a Disconnected Culture
  • Creating a Connected Life: How to Help Your Clients Find This Key to Happiness, Health, and Well-Being (includes some information from Childhood Roots)
  • Connectedness: What It Is, How To Explain It, How to Create It, and Why It Matters
  • Reclaiming What is Most Important for Young Children: Building Connections in a Disconnected World (includes information from CrazyBusy and Childhood Roots)

This presentation addresses stress, toxic stress, screen usage and screen over-usage for all young folks and will also highlight how these concerns are amplified in people with ADHD or LD.

Dr. Hallowell will share his advice on the questions he is most frequently asked regarding teens and young adults. In this modern age of 24/7 technology, many parents and teachers are concerned about the short and long term effects of electronic over-usage combined with academic, family, peer and extra-curricular stress. He will provide strategies to help with the most formidable challenges today’s young people face.

You will learn how to:

  • Work with, not against, your teen to develop healthy lifestyle choice
  • Distinguish between ADHD and an over-scheduled young person
  • Understand what warning signs to look
  • Seek professional help if needed.

NOTE: This presentation can be modified to: Managing Screens and Stress: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive!

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