1. “Dr. Hallowell was a highlight of the 2019 ISBCAnnualConference in Montreal on the theme of Boys and the Arts-Great /Minds, Big Hearts. Tough and caring, serious and charmingly cute, sharing facts and painful memories of his past, Ned has the audience of 650+ educators of boys spellbound. Hard-hitting but filled with love and compassion for our students, faculty and communities, Ned reminded us to bring love, connection, and the opportunity to do something great to everyone we teach, build and nurture. 
  2. “Ned Hallowell is a legend.”“
  3. I really enjoyed Dr. Hallowell’s approach he was patient and knowledgeable while communicating with humility.”
  4. “Psychiatrist Ned Hallowell shared his personal story professional expertise on how we can help boys beat the odds. Having successfully managed both ADHD and dyslexia himself, as well as overcoming a less than ideal family life as a child, Hallowell implored us to accept “disabilities” as gifts. “The truth is what leads to a great life are the attitudes you develop in school: optimism, self-esteem… and everyone can achieve them.” He challenged us to believe in boys, help them see they can do something they think is impossible; give them “the love of the game”—to try again despite failure. Give this gift to your students through the power of connection. The boys who seem the hardest to reach are the ones in need of connection the most.” 2019 ISBC Annual Conference, Montreal
  5. “Fantastic. Great messages,” “Good advice. Appreciated the tips on how to help kids manage the temptation of distraction,” and “So engaging- wish he spoke longer. 2 hrs at minimum
  6. Superior presentation to relevant topics.
  7. Without a doubt Dr. Hallowell was the most enjoyable presenter of the conference (2 days).
  8. He exceeded my expectations. He got a standing ovation.
  9. Very informative. Changed my perspective on ADHD as counselor and parent. Wished he had not cut off the last 4 of us that wanted to ask questions.
  10. He is such a dynamic speaker and this topic is very personal to me. He is motivating, approachable and makes it feel so easy. I hope to hold on to that.
  11. JUST TERRIFIC AS ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!
  12. The highlight of the conference.  Dynamic, spontaneous and relevant dynamic!
  13. This speaker provided an A+ presentation and was extremely enjoyable to hear!!!!!! He provided valuable information for school teachers and I loved the way that he stressed the positive aspects of ADHD!!!!!! Please have him again next year!!!!!
  14. By far the best speaker. I learned so much about ADHD and the fact that the most important piece of the puzzle is making connections with the children we work with.
  15. Have been to 2 of his previous  lectures and the information he communicated from his new book was done in his usual stimulating style and was very interesting and useful.
  16. Ed is an amazing, inspirational presenter. Thank you for having him as a presenter. It was nice to hear a Psychiatrist focus on a “strengths based” perspective, as social workers are taught and trained to work from this perspective.
  17. Nueva Innovative Learning Conference 2017 – Although we are still collecting evaluations from attendees, the responses thus far have been overwhelmingly positive. About his session specifically, we’ve received rave reviews: “Fantastic. Great messages,” “Good advice. Appreciated the tips on how to help kids manage the temptation of distraction,” and “So engaging- wish he spoke longer. 2 hrs at minimum!”
  18. Nueva Innovative Learning Conference 2017 – “The conference left me feeling energized and inspired. I met many remarkable educators and listened to extraordinary thinkers, all who are moving the needle in our field.”
  19. Excellent! Had my attention the whole time.
  20. He deserved a standing ovation..He was compassionate about what he does…
  21. interesting and relevant
  22. dynamic; helpful; practical; He knows what he’s talking about!
  23. He was truly terrific
  24. Wonderful!  Engaging!  Helpful!  I loved this speaker; the content was applicable and engaging.
  25. dynamic presentation…just wish there was a wand to change the mindset of multiple generations of families and professionals
  26. Dynamic, passionate and engaging presentation.
  27. The most dynamic, passionate and engaging speaker, by far. He blew me away. I loved hearing his strengths perspective on adhd/add especially in light of the fact that its coming from a medical doctor. Extremely relevant to my daily work.
  28. Best speaker at conference, most relaxed and sure of his material
  29. This was an outstanding presentation.  It was engaging and extremely helpful and identifying strengths.
  30. Incredibly dynamic, great info, there’s a reason why he received a standing ovation.
  31. Excellent info, humor and references.
  32. Engaging, relevant, powerful and inspiring
  33. Inspiring but “old” (to me).  Always a great speaker.
  34. I’ve heard Dr. Hallowell before, and he was just as brilliant this time as when I’d heard him in the past.  Engaging and inspiring, I left feeling differently about the ADHD children who typically drive me crazy!
  35. Very inspiring and informative.
  36. Not necessarily did I learn any new concepts but once again reminded and refreshed on the importance of connectedness.  Dr. Hallowell is always a dynamic speaker.
  37. wonderful lecture
  38. Directed to the audience-great presentation!
  39. Awesome.  Have him again.
  40. Excellent!!!
  42. really enjoyed his points regarding shifting philosophy and perspective to more positive and helpful practice with ADHD population
  43. One of the best presenters that I have ever seen regarding ADHD.  Dr. Hallowell’s use of personal anecdotes and his skill for keeping the audience engaged was inspiring.
  44. Great to hear a about a topic that has been talked about for many years be presented in a positive and unique way.
  45. love his energy.  knowledgeable.  wish he could have stuck around to talk to.
  46. He was an excellent speaker.  I especially appreciated that he spoke from the center of the podium.
  47. An honor to learn from Dr. Hallowell
  48. Inspired me to keep encouraging my student that is dyslexic and ADHD!!!!  I know he can be successful.  I liked the change of the positives vs. negatives with ADHD.  It will be helpful for parents. Thanks
  49. Tremendous speaker and presentation!!!!!
  50. Strong points are history of ADHD, boy girl differences, strengths of ADHD people, power of connecting with ADHD people. Weakness: No focus on meditation.
  51. Loved the presentation.  Will work towards promoting creativity, curiosity and energy
  52. Awesome!
  53. Emphasis on strength-based model important.
  54. He is always great to hear and always is able to re-energize my thinking about students with ADHD.
  55. Favorite speaker of the group.
  56. dynamic and interesting
  57. EXCELLENT! Very engaging, funny, poignant, and extremely relevant to not only ADHD, but also had great ideas and important messages for working with all students with many different disorders.
  58. It was a very inspiring presentation that offers a very valuable shift in paradigm.  I would have liked to learn more about ways to implement in schools
  59. Excellent presentation!  Wonderful, important talk!
  60. Very charismatic, engaging speaker
  61. very entertaining.
  62. great speaker, had seen him before, very informative
  63. enjoyable as always!
  64. Great great great!!! Ned’s presentation was very informative and approachable. The presentation was relevent and very useful. Thank you!
  65. Always inspiring.  Could listen to him for much longer.
  66. a great speaker -had a clear take home message and did it without power point.
  67. wow what a guy!  It is all about connections and embracing the whole child.
  68. Excellent presentation and information that helped me to understand better children with adhd and how to help them to be successful.
  69. Dr. Hallowell is inspiring and fascinating.  Great way to start the second day (and frankly, a good antidote to a disappointing first day)
  70. Inspiring!  I only hope I can maintain the level of caring and excitement I felt after hearing him when I get back to work.  Just the best.  I am so grateful he is doing this work and I wish he could speak to our teachers.
  71. This was an excellent presentation.  The only problem was that it was too short.
  72. Excellent speaker!  A great way to start the day.  I loved his perspective and he left me with new ideas about the disability.
  73. Great motivational speaker!
  74. Stressed a key concept.  Connected to people listening.  Was a clear and energetic speaker.  Really enjoyed!
  75. Inspiring, insightful, THANK YOU!
  76. Excellent, inspiring to all who work with this population! Wonderful speaker!
  77. It makes no sense to me that you bothered to include some of the worthless presenters on Friday, when it would have been much more meaningful to have a whole or at least half day with Ned.  This was the best presentation I have ever attended in my entire
  78. Totally entertaining
  79. Tremendous presentation!!  VERY inspirational.  PLEASE have him back!!
  80. no video, no power point, just a brilliant real man with something critical to say. bring on the humanity and check your egos at the door, if the people at this conference don’t work to build a better world through connection than we are all totally screw
  81. Tremendous presentation!  Please have him back for more!  Very inspirational and helpful.
  82. I enjoyed his presentation but would have liked more handouts so I could reference back.  He was inspiring.
  83. Energetic, Inspirational, and Engaging!
  84. By far the best presenter. Very motivating and presentation style was engaging.
  85. Excellent presentation. Given how long we have been learning about ADHD wonderful to get new info. and perspective with research base.
  86. Could have spent more time listening to this speaker
  87. This is an amazing man who really understands what works with kids!  It was a pleasure to participate in this presentation.
  88. He was the best speaker of the weekend.  Engaging, inspiring, interesting, motivating & helpful.  Presented information from a new & fresh perspective. Excellent.
  89. Great presentation; love the idea of a strength based approach to AD/HD.
  90. already talked to the boss to do a presentation based on this workshop.  thank you.
  91. He was stimulating, engaging and concise.  He did not just read his slides.
  92. His passion and mannerisms helped his message stick in my brain.
  93. Inspiring, really new how to engage an audience.  Also, made it relevant to our work in schools
  94. Excellent presentation!  He was enthusiastic and energetic about the topic, thoroughly answered questions, and was very knowledgeable.  His perceptions/thoughts gave me insight into working with a particular student.
  95. Fabulous
  96. Extremely helpful!
  97. Very good and useful information provided about importance of the relationship to an underachieving ADHD/ADHD student. Also liked his metaphors. Never realized how many of our business leaders were ADHD
  98. Interesting, engaging, and couldn’t agree more about he importance of the connection!
  99. This speaker was single handedly worth the ticket price!  His dynamic presentation style appealed greatly to me.  So nice to hear a master teacher speak rather than read his overheads!   
  100. awesome! definitely have him return. he has the best delivery yet!
  101. funny, heartfelt, healthy perspective on ADHD.
  102. Great presentation!
  103. He is a very positive and engaging speaker but I did not learn too much new information. I have seen him speak before and it was still inspiring.
  104. Great Presentation, good information especially the strengths model, inspirational
  105. Is listening to Ned present on ADHD EVER bad?  He was as engaging, enlightening and inspiring as ever!
  106. Great presentation PLEASE we need teachers to hear this
  107. The best presentation by far – I would like to go to a whole day workshop with Edward Hallowell
  108. Inspirational! 68% of my practice is with ADHD adolescents,couples and adults. Dr.Hallowell is a pro!
  109. Truly Dynamic.  Best speaker, confirmed my classroom practices
  110. Loved the flipping of negative symptoms of ADHD to positive traits! Wonderful to hear about the emphasis on connectedness.  Would love to see him again!
  111. Inspiring, relevant presentation. Dr. Hallowell gives a wonderful perspective on dealing with students with ADHD.
  112. The speaker moved around on stage and communicated very well with the audience. This was the most interesting presentation of the weekend for me.
  113. Charismatic presenter; captivating and informative!
  114. I loved that he did not read his slides and was more interactive!!
  115. Dynamic speaker who presented concrete data and information about the importance of establishing relationships with students.
  116. Great information and presenter, I loved his talk and took many notes.  Points taken, to see that ADHD students have so many strengths to focus on that.
  117. Exceptional speaker.
  118. Best presenter! Connected with the audience and allowed us to feel inspired and refreshed!
  119. Although I have read his work , it was the first time I had heard him present!  Awesome and very practical! Great way to start the day!
  120. he was also excellent.  One of my favorites.  I bought one of his books.
  121. I will use the strategies that he discussed right away!  He was an audience-friendly speaker, and really made a connection.
  122. outstanding speaker!
  123. Please have Dr. Hallowell back again.  He is a natural teacher and the consistent use of humor made for a very enjoyable presentation.  A++
  124. Loved his presentation. Very upbeat, hopeful, inspiring! I wished he had more time.
  125. One of the most motivating speakers I have ever heard!
  126. Highly Knowledgeable, but more importantly, inspiring.
  127. The best speaker of the conference!
  128. Great strategies and words to use.
  129. Credible and INSPIRING!
  130. Outstanding presentation, funny, informative a great way of starting Saturday AM. Gave great examples of how to look at kids with ADD and ADHD.
  131. A great reminder to focus on the positives!!
  132. This lecture was the true gem of the course! Dr. Hallowell’s presentation captured the essence that needs to be used for all students! I am changing the ways I instruct all students after his inspiration.
  133. Inspiring talk.  Appreciated the enthusiasm and passion of the speaker as well as the content.  I would have liked a little more focus on classroom interventions that work, and on helping kids improve the functioning of their “bicycle brakes.”
  134. I can’t stop thinking about how inspiring his talk was.  Really wonderful and powerful!  Validating for what I believe in and the daily work I do.
  135. DR. Hallowell was the reason I came to the conference.  I could have listened to him all day.
  136. Always excellent
  137. I loved that he talked to us and didn’t read from the slides.
  138. I was energized and hopeful and reminded of why I became a social worker and learned how to “reframe” concepts when working with families. I found the idea of forming a “connection” to be at the heart of what I believe and what works and engages families.
  139. His personal experience with ADHD was so helpful
  140. I loved the way Mr. Hallowell described various symptoms and characteristics from his point of view, understanding that he has ADHD. He gave us great strategies and methods to use as teachers, in class with ADD and ADHD students, and also helped me understand ADHD
  141. He was outstanding!  His information and delivery motivated me as a professional and as a parent. I have never heard anyone speak in such a ‘hopeful for the future’ way about this topic, and this is so important to helping children and families!
  142. Dr. Hallowell is an incredible speaker.  His presentation provided a new perspective on ADHD and his personal experiences were extremely helpful.
  143. One of the finest presentations I’ve heard at a workshop or course
  144. excellent, excellent.  good message.  (was feeling somewhat disappointed after yesterday afternoon)
  145. Excellent and inspiring speaker!
  146. Amazing dynamic energizing and hope giving speaker!  I had fun, I learned a lot and felt motivated to get to work and make a difference in ways the speaker described-heartfelt, informed and influential-because it was clear he did his homework…
  147. Fabulous. Animated style and down to earth nature showed a true caring for children.
  148. Hope, Help, and Humor. It is about connection that we make with our students. I was very impressed with this presenter.
  149. AWESOME!!!
  150. Presentation and ideas presented were terrific. What a presenter. Left me feeling encouraged and gave me a new context for working with this population. Professional/personal style was outstanding.
  151. Humorous, compassionate, positive…my overall favorite! learned new ways to approach a 504 plan.
  152. Thank you for being very engaging.  I was so happy to see he did not read from a power point the entire presentation.  He was refreshing to stand and just speak.  He knew a lot of the history and background.  Excellent presenter!
  153. Dr. Hallowell was dynamic, spoke to the audience with conviction, and sincerity. His presentation was clear and effective. His points were also stated clearly. He was the only speaker to receive a full standing ovation from the audience, and a line of que
  154. Very energetic knows his subject very well; great use of humor; great examples
  155. He did an incredible job highlighting interesting information. Dr. Hallowell was a dynamic and enthusiastic presenter who delivered extremely important information. I was fully engaged.
  156. Wow!  Fabulous!
  157. loved his focus on relationship and quality of presentation
  158. The audience stood up and applauded.  It was one of the best, most informative presentations on the topic that I have ever heard.  He provided helpful and real advice!
  159. Dr. Hallowell gave one of the most inspiring speeches I’ve ever had the pleasure of being present for. It’s no wonder that he got a standing ovation at the end. His lecture was engaging, fun and informative. Almost all of the students I work with have ADHD
  160. Yeah, thank you for interacting with us!  the reminders about connecting were great too.  
  161. fabulous presenter and right on with content!!
  162. Great presenter!
  163. He was your best speaker.
  164. VERY inspirational!!
  165. Dr. Hallowell was an outstanding speaker. I liked how he lectured without powerpoint and spoke from experience.
  166. What can I say–a superior presentation in all respects.
  167. I couldn’t stop laughing!  We didn’t need the powerpoint.  I have read Dr. Hallowell’s books and will continue to regard him as a gem in his field!
  168. amazing!
  169. Wonderful presentation style and this speaker is obviously very well informed. Wonderful way of giving history of ADHD without sounding dry. His way of focusing on strength based way to view ADHD left the audience motivated to take back the teachings of hi
  170. Fabulous
  171. Inspirational!  Motivational!  Dr. Hallowell’s presentation was fantastic, his approach to education and kids with ADHD was refreshing, positive, upbeat and powerful.  I particularly liked his analogy of the ferrari-brain; bicycle-brakes. 
  172. Most dynamic speaker of the bunch.   Delivery was a nice change from all the slides.  Loved his strengths-based focus
  173. An upper class perspective. He’s amusing but he’s speaking from a perspective of growing up and attending the top schools in the country.
  174. Wow!
  175. Excellent; very motivational
  176. Fantastic-one of the reasons why I signed up for this class and I was not disappointed. Really love the strength based approach (being a therapist before I entered a school system). I also thought his examples and resources were invaluable.
  177. I love this guy.  I could listen to him all day.
  178. Great analogies to use with kids!!!
  179. One of the best speakers of the weekend! Very inspiring and practical information about turning ADHD on it’s head.  Exactly what one would expect from a Harvard Medical School conference!
  180. He’s a dynamic speaker…excellent
  181. Dr. Hallowell was one of the best speakers the Department has had.
  182. His embracing of fostering strengths was refreshing.
  183. Excellent! Brought down the house.
  184. Humor helped to solidify concepts.  More time was spent on the background of ADHD versus sharing practical tools for working with a student with ADHD in the classroom.
  185. Excellent, as always! So dynamic!  Glad to hear a hopeful positive approach to treatment of ADHD. Wish he was more available for referrals.
  186. perfect presentation utilizing self and stories vs. research studies
  187. Engaging; realistic and inspiring
  188. Great, awesome.
  189. Wow. Amazing
  190. Topnotch. Hooray for knowing your topic and yourself!
  191. Exceptional presentation – very inspiring!
  192. He was amazing!  Great perspective on ADHD and LD.
  193. strong presentation; great reminder about the need for connections within a school; good strategies that can be easily implemented
  194. Dr. Hallowell is a very charismatic speaker.  His anecdotes infused with humor held our attention.  While there were no slides, none were needed, as his presentation style was enough.
    Excellent presentation!
  195. Dynamic, energetic presenter which held attention
  196. Words cannot express how wonderful and inspiring this speaker was.  A hero to people everywhere suffering ADHD And dyslexia.  Could have listened to him all day
  197. First time hearing Ned and am so very glad I did; his message needs to be repeated over & over again; and large public schools need more school social workers to do the work the way it should be done.
  198. Excellent presentation.  He engaged participants and presented  with realistic experiences and practical techniques and strategies.
  199. very enthusiastic – easy to engage with..
  200. Great. Inspirational. Morale and hope are a major part of the work.
  201. Great energy, curiosity, and creativity!

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