New Normal

Tired? Sad? On Edge?

Now that the novelty of living life in a pandemic has worn off,  we’re finding ourselves feeling more tired, sad and on-edge. Likewise, it may seem strange to be so exhausted after doing “nothing” all day, but it’s totally normal under these circumstances.

In this Distraction podcast on: “The Side Effects of Our New Normal,” Dr. Hallowell opens up about how fatigued he’s been feeling lately. He asks listeners to do the same. One of the reasons he cites for feeling so tired is a lack of Vitamin Connect – the other vitamin C.

This is a great Distraction episode on the side effects of social distancing. You’ll also learn the importance of why we need to stay virtually connected even during quarantine.

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We will all get through this together! Let us know how you’re holding up. Share your thoughts with Dr. Hallowell at Distracting by sending an email or voice memo to

If you’re feeling stressed out, worried, preoccupied, and otherwise twitched and bewitched by what my friend Ken Duckworth calls “The Thing”, read my blog post on The Force of Each Other.

One thought on “Tired? Sad? On Edge?”

  1. I listened to the audio recording. The episode of distraction is interesting. Well needed at this time. Have to make a safe haven in your own home. It sure has affect. Yes it is tiring. The fatigue is real. And I think it is about the interpersonal side of yours. It is not about the output. And I appreciate the fact of having a ” human moment”. We need that energy exchange. I really need to stack up more vitamins, especially Vitamin C and D, and of course Vitamin Connect and even antidepressants. “Peopling” helps depression. I will look into the Omega that you mention. It works like normal anxiolytics? We do need long term anti-anxiety and anti-depression solutions more than ever now. Anyhow, good people energies are antidepressants too. It does resonate. I wish you well too!

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