Wanted: Future ADHD Superheroes

X-Men – Superheroes that are powerful, potentially dangerous, yet are capable of so much good. This is the dramatic conflict in Marvel comics and the hugely successful Marvel movie franchise.

People with ADHD – Superheroes with brilliant minds, who can fall astray, yet are capable of so much good. This is the dramatic conflict of everyday life for many people with ADHD.

In Marvel’s comic series, the X-Men attend the Xavier Institute. It is a training site to help them explore and refine their powers. The Institute helps them accept their differences, bond with similar individuals, and build confidence in themselves. Upon leaving, they are ready to use their strengths to better the outside world.

What if there was such a place for people with ADHD? What if we stopped trying to adapt people with ADHD to the outside world, and instead created a place where their strengths were nurtured and refined.

I discovered just such a place called InventiveLabs. It is a new research lab, with an associated business incubator, whose mission is to capture the brilliance and creativity of high-ability ADHD and dyslexic individuals. The Lab will be opening in September and they are currently recruiting for their first team of young adults, called Inventives.

Some ADHD traits can be like super powers. Successful people with ADHD, like Bill Cosby, Charles Schwab and Richard Branson have excelled in their field. Characteristics of people with ADHD include the ability to be hyper-focused, creative, artistic, visionary and inventive. InventiveLabs will explore these advantages with young adults in a structured environment to help them establish their careers.

The founders of the Lab are serial entrepreneurs who have been involved with many start-ups. Along with therapists, life coaches, and facilitators, they will be the guides that lead the Inventives to reach their potential.

People with ADHD are natural entrepreneurs, and a targeted outcome of the Lab is to assist them in starting their own business, either as an individual, or as part of a team. Alternatively, the Inventives may secure employment at a larger organization as a result of the work they complete at the Lab. Or, they may decide to enter or return to college because they found their passion and desire additional education.

Many years ago, people’s lives were improved by putting a name to ADHD and learning methods to manage it. InventiveLabs plans to take it to the next level and demonstrate the advantages of ADHD to the world. The goal is for society to realize that people with ADHD should not be forced to adapt to society’s needs.  In reality, society needs to adapt to the needs of people with ADHD in order to thrive.  Every society needs its X-Men.

You can find out more about the Lab at www.inventivelabs.org or by emailing the company at info@inventivelabs.org.

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