Your ADHD Brain is a Ferrari

Why do I say, “Your ADHD Brain is a Ferrari?”  My goal is to help people master the power of ADHD while avoiding its pitfalls. When the diagnosis of ADHD emphasizes what is wrong with a person, that person immediately starts to see himself in those negative terms. Shame, fear and self-doubt grow. However, when the treatment of ADHD begins with an effort to find what’s good in a person by using a strength-based approach to ferret out their hidden strengths and emphasizes what is positive, then the person sees himself in a positive light.  

When explaining ADHD to a child, I say, “you have a turbo charged mind – like a Ferrari engine, but the brakes of a bicycle, and I’m the break expert.”   When ADHD is properly treated, the person can achieve great heights: doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, dreamers, innovators, explorers and even Harvard grads.   Founders of our country may have had ADHD. The flip-side of distractibility is curiosity.  

Read my ADDitude article “Your Brain is a Ferrari,” to learn more and watch my “RaceCar Brain” video below:

If you just found out your child has ADHD, learn more HERE.

One thought on “Your ADHD Brain is a Ferrari”

  1. You made a good point that an ADHD diagnosis often comes with negative connotations. That’s what I felt when my son was regarded as such and I’m quite about what might the public think of him, especially his classmates at school. Maybe I should start looking for alternative therapies that he could undergo to at least minimize the effects.

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